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The Power Years™ Passport with Sara Smeaton

The Power Years™ Passport is a ten-day mini inner journey to self-discovery meant to reconnect you to what makes you most powerful: YOU.

Let's face it, you're likely not going anywhere else for awhile, why not take the opportunity to travel inwards?

Here’s what I mean by traveling inwards. It’s about taking the time to find out who you are under the layers of expectations, and stories that have accumulated over the first half of your life. The invitation to go inward is to check in with yourself about who you want to be this year, what do you care about, what do you want, and what do you need? It’s a commitment to be in a deliberate, intentional, open-hearted, relationship with yourself.

“I am looking forward to going over my daily jottings more closely, and expanding and connecting some of my personal insights over the last 10 days. I feel that each day offered me a compelling invitation to observe myself and my life’s journey from a different vantage. Each exploration built on the one before but also led me to go back to consider, clarify and reinforce the preceding ones. 

I believe I went into a deeper conscious understanding of what has  propelled me forward in life and, importantly, a recognition that the journey holds meaningful possibilities still. Sara, thank you for escorting me through this creative process of gradually unfolding the mystery!”

– Power Years™ Passport adventurer 

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Each day, for ten days, you will receive a mini-excursion right in your inbox (i.e., an email), designed to help you develop that kind of deeper connection with yourself.

The emails will be short enough to read with your morning tea or coffee, and will each contain a quick dose of inspiration, a question to reflect on, and a suggested action.

In our Power Years™, it’s time to change the things that have failed to work for us year after year. It’s finally time to rip up the “I’m not enough” roadmap and put aside what we think is expected of us. It’s time now, in the second half of life to explore new territories instead of retreading well-worn ones that lead nowhere.

“Thank you so much for the beautiful gift of Power years Passport. It was so very nurturing and self loving and gentle and powerful! Many emotions were conjured up all through it. I never thought growing into each new chapter of life, would be so inspiring, but it is!”

– Power Years™ Passport adventurer

So come grab your seat on this guided tour and let's discover your hidden power.

If you're someone who doesn't like to travel alone, use and follow the hashtag #poweryearspassport on Instagram to post daily photos in your feed or stories and connect with and cheer on your fellow travelers. Make sure to tag me @ssmeaton so I can follow your adventures.

The cost of the trip is $27 CAD +tax (where applicable).

"After day one, I began to look forward to opening my email in the mornings."

– ZS Worotynec

The Power Years™ Passport

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